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We understand that every project is unique, and also believe in a personal approach to meet your specific needs. Communication is key to achieving the best results!

How Our Online Mixing & Mastering Services Works:

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  2. Review and Revisions
  3. Final Delivery

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*We carefully select projects that meet high-quality audio material standards for mixing and mastering. We will only respond to requests that align with these criteria!

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    Professional Services

    Mixing & Mastering Services

    Our online mixing and mastering process ensures that your tracks will sound exceptional across all playback systems, from high-end studio monitors to everyday earbuds. We understand the importance of clarity, balance, and impact in today’s competitive music landscape.

    Our experienced team of engineers use the latest technology and industry-standard equipment to meticulously craft your sound, providing the polish and precision needed to make your music stand out. Whether you’re looking to enhance the depth and clarity of your mix or achieve a perfectly balanced master, we’ve got you covered.

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    What Customers Have to Say


    I recently used Song Mix Master’s online mixing and mastering services for my latest single, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. From the start, the process was incredibly straightforward. I simply uploaded my files to their user-friendly platform and requested a quote. After the initial mix, I received a preview, and they were very accommodating with the few revisions I requested. The final track sounds amazing!

    Jessica Reed / Musician

    As an independent artist, finding a reliable and affordable mixing and mastering service is crucial, and Song Mix Master delivered on both fronts. Their easy-to-use platform made uploading my files and requesting a quote a breeze. The initial mix was impressive, and they were very open to my feedback during the revision stage. The final master was delivered quickly, and the sound quality is exceptional – loud, clear, and perfectly balanced.

    Damian Collins / Independent Artist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Mixing combines and adjusts individual tracks (stems), while mastering polishes the final mix for optimal playback on all devices and platforms.

    We work with a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic, classical, and more. Our diverse team is equipped to handle various styles and deliver a polished final product.

    Absolutely. We understand the importance of your music’s privacy and security. All files are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

    We accept high-quality audio files in WAV or AIFF formats. Please ensure your files are properly labeled and organized for the best results. Don’t send us the Mp3 files (only for reference tracks if needed).

    Ensure that your files are in high-quality formats such as WAV or AIFF. Label each track clearly and remove any unwanted processing or effects that are not part of your creative vision. Leaving sufficient headroom (about -6dB) on your tracks can also help in achieving the best results during the mixing and mastering process

    The timeline for each project varies depending on its complexity and our current workload. We strive to deliver the first review within 1-3 business days after receiving your files.

    Yes, we offer quantity discounts for bulk bookings, such as multiple tracks or full albums. This can be a cost-effective option if you have several songs that need mixing and mastering. Please contact us with your project details to receive a custom quote.

    Once you approve the quote, we will provide you with payment instructions. We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and PayPal.

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re not satisfied with the final product after the revision stage, please contact us to discuss your concerns. We will work with you to address any issues. Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis and are typically only offered if we cannot meet the agreed-upon requirements.

    Studio Equipment

    We use top-quality equipment to deliver exceptional mixing and mastering services. Our studio is equipped with industry-leading hardware and software that allows us to achieve precise and musical results for every project.

    Mixing Mastering Studio Equipment

    Hardware Equipment:

    • Monitors: Yamaha HS8, Yamaha HS8S
    • Monitoring Controllers: Dangerous Monitor ST
    • Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo x8
    • Microphones: Neumann U87, Royer R-121
    • Headphones: Sennheiser HD650, DT 990 Pro

    Outboard Gear:

    • EQ: Neve 1073, API 512c, Avalon VT-737SP
    • Preamps: Neve 1073, API 512c, Avalon VT-737SP
    • Reverb Units: Lexicon 480L, Bricasti M7
    • Compressor: Urei/Universal Audio 1176 & LA-2A
    • Converters: Prism Sound Titan, Lynx Hilo

    Audio Software:

    • DAWs: Pro Tools, Cubase Pro, Studio One, FL Studio
    • Plugins and Effects: Waves Total Bundle, FabFilter Total Bundle, UAD-2 Powered Plugins, iZotope Ozone, Valhalla DSP Bundle, SSL Native Essentials, Soundtoys 5, Celemony Melodyne, Plugin Alliance Bundle, and many more.