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Introducing the FL Studio Mastering Presets Pack by Song Mix Master, a collection of 21 expertly crafted presets designed to give your tracks the professional polish they deserve. With over 10 years of audio mastering experience poured into each preset, this pack uses only FL Studio stock plugins to deliver outstanding results for any genre.

Includes: 21 x FL Studio Mastering Presets (Stock Plugins Only)

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Best FL Studio Mastering Presets Pack

Main Features:

  • Stock Plugin Usage: Utilizes only FL Studio stock plugins, ensuring compatibility and ease of use with no third-party plugins need.
  • Pro EQ Settings: Each preset includes carefully designed EQ settings for optimal audio track mastering enhancement.
  • Expert Compression: Compression presets come with finely tuned multiband compression settings for balanced dynamics.
  • Optimal Loudness: Presets are designed to achieve industry-standard loudness levels.
  • Analog Sound Emulation: Digital mastering with an analog feel for a warm, polished sound.
  • Easy Integration: Simple to apply and adjust within any FL Studio project.
  • Instant Digital Delivery: Receive the product immediately via email upon purchase.

How To Use The Presets

Even though our presets are fine-tuned for optimal performance, you may need to make some subtle adjustments to achieve the best results for your specific track. Here’s how to use and customize the presets effectively:

How to Use

Start by opening your FL Studio project. Add your final mix on the FL Studio and go to the mastering channel and load the desired preset from the pack.

Work only with uncompressed WAV files and ensure that your final mix peaks at around -6 dB to -3 dB.

Insert (drag-n-drop) the preset on the master channel and hear the immediate improvement.

Customization Tips

To adjust EQ, boost or cut around 20Hz-200Hz for bass adjustments, tweak 200Hz-5kHz for clarity and presence, and adjust 5kHz-20kHz for brightness.

To refine loudness, adjust the input and output gain for consistent volume in the limiter plugin, and set the limiter’s ceiling just below 0dB (e.g., -0.1dB).

Compare the original and processed versions with A/B testing.

Audio Demos

Listen to our audio demos to hear the noticeable difference between the dry and wet versions of tracks mastered using our FL Studio mastering presets. Experience the enhanced clarity, balance, and loudness with our presets.

BeforeUnmastered Mix
AfterMastered (Preset #19)
BeforeUnmastered Mix
AfterMastered (Preset #16)

As an independent artist, having these mastering presets is invaluable. The presets are easy to use and significantly improved my sound quality.

Ava Starling / Artist

The quality of these mastering presets is impressive. They made my tracks sound ready for radio. The difference between the dry and wet versions is clear.

Alex M. / Music Producer

Ready to Transform Your Tracks?

Embrace the power of FL Studio Mastering Presets and deliver outstanding sound quality that capture your listeners’ ears. Download now and start mastering like a Pro. Instant download: No waiting, no delays – just efficient, professional mastering!

$29.99 $19.99

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To get the best results from the FL Studio Mastering Presets Pack by Song Mix Master, please ensure that your final mix peaks at around -6 dB to -3 dB. This headroom allows the mastering presets to work effectively without clipping. To achieve the best possible results, you may need to make specific adjustments to the presets to better suit your individual tracks.

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