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Unlock the full potential of your music with our professional mixing and mastering services. Our experienced audio engineers are dedicated to enhancing the quality of your tracks, ensuring they sound polished and ready for the world to hear.

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  • Multi-band compression
  • EQ adjustments for tonal balance
  • Loudness optimization
  • Clarity and detail enhancement
  • Sequencing and track spacing
  • Metadata tagging
  • Ready for all streaming platforms
  • 1 revision included

Note: Additional revisions can be requested for $5.

$50 / per track

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  • Up to 10 stems (beat track, vocal track, adlibs track, etc.)
  • Equalization (EQ) & Compression
  • Reverb and delay effects
  • Stereo enhancement
  • Track volume balancing
  • Detailed automation
  • 2 revisions included

Note: Additional tracks: $10/track (stem)

$100 / up to 10 stems

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Mixing + Mastering

This comprehensive service combines the art of mixing with the precision of mastering.

  • All features from Mixing and Mastering
  • Seamless integration of mixing and mastering processes
  • A cohesive and balanced final product
  • 3 revisions included

Note: Additional revisions can be requested for an extra $5. Additional track at $10/track.

$125 / per track

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