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In this 18-tutorial video course, you’ll learn the subtle art of mastering using FL Studio. Learn how to use FL Studio’s mastering plugins to improve your music production skills and create polished, industry-standard tracks.

Gain Skills: FL Studio, Mastering, Compression, EQ-ing, Limiting

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Mastering with FL Studio

A common misconception among producers is that mastering music requires a studio filled with costly analog equipment. In reality, you can achieve professional-sounding masters “in the box” using FL Studio’s mastering plugins and tools. This comprehensive course provides an in-depth look at the mastering engineer’s toolkit, ensuring you understand how to use FL Studio effectively for audio mastering.

Course Outline Summary

  • Introduction (0m:48s): Kick off your mastering journey with a concise overview of the course and its objectives.
  • What is Mastering (2m:9s): Discover the true goals and importance of mastering, setting the foundation for professional-quality music production.
  • Preparing the Mix (3m:9s): Learn essential steps to get your mix ready for the mastering stage, ensuring a smooth transition to a polished final product.
  • Exporting the Mix (4m:12s): Master the process of exporting your mix correctly to maintain the highest audio quality.
  • Minimum Phase EQ (6m:55s): Dive into techniques for using minimum phase EQ to enhance the clarity and balance of your tracks.
  • Linear Phase EQ (4m:17s): Explore the benefits and applications of linear phase EQ in achieving pristine sound quality.
  • Mid-Side EQ (4m:24s): Utilize mid-side EQ for superior spatial control and dynamic enhancement of your audio.
  • Multi-Band Compression (4m:5s): Understand and apply multi-band compression to add depth and dimension to your mix.
  • The Master Band (3m:46s): Learn techniques for mastering the final band to achieve a cohesive and powerful sound.
  • Loudness Maximization (5m:25s): Maximize the loudness of your track without sacrificing quality.
  • Saturation (5m:47s): Use saturation to add warmth and character to your tracks, bringing them to life.
  • Transient Processing (3m:57s): Enhance the impact of your transients, making your music more dynamic and engaging.
  • Reverb (3m:45s): Apply reverb effectively in the mastering stage to create depth and space in your mix.
  • Stereo Widening (3m:34s): Learn techniques to widen the stereo image of your tracks for a more immersive listening experience.
  • Trimming the Track & Automation (3m:32s): Finalize your tracks with precise trimming and automation techniques.
  • Exporting the Master (1m:21s): Properly export your mastered track to ensure it retains its high quality.
  • Mastering With Ozone (3m:52s): Delve into using iZotope Ozone for mastering, unlocking powerful tools and features.
  • Adding More Ozone Processors (3m:36s): Further explore the capabilities of Ozone’s processors to improve your mastering workflow.

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