Welcome to the next level of vocal production with the FL Studio Vocal Mixing Presets Ultimate pack. This fl vocal presets collection is your all-in-one solution for professional-grade vocal sounds in FL Studio.

Whether you’re mixing vocals for rap, pop, or any genre in between, our presets provide the quality and versatility you need to improve your music. Achieve crisp, clear, and well-balanced vocal tracks that stand out in the mix.

Includes: 15 x Lead Vocal Presets, 20 x Adlibs Vocal Presets, 1 x Vocal Lead Patcher Preset

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Audio Demos

Dive into our audio demos to hear the remarkable difference between the dry and wet versions of both male rap vocals and female singing vocals. Each demo showcases the unique capabilities of our pro crafted vocal mixing fl presets!

BeforeMale Vocal (Dry)
AfterMale Vocal (Wet)
BeforeFemale Vocal (Dry)
AfterFemale Vocal (Wet)
FL Studio Vocal Mixing Presets Stock Plugins

Main Features:

  • Extensive Preset Library: From the clarity of Drake to the gritty tones of Yeat, our vocal preset pack includes FL Studio 15 lead vocal presets, and 20 adlibs presets, inspired by top artists and designed for various vocal styles.
  • Complete Vocal Solutions: Includes vocal presets for mixing both the lead vocals and the backing vocals, ensuring your vocals sit perfectly in the mix.
  • Diverse Genre Compatibility: Perfect for genres ranging from rap to electronic, our presets cater to a wide array of musical styles.
  • Exclusive Artist Presets: Get access to artist-inspired presets like Juice Wrld, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, and Lil Peep, crafted to emulate the unique sounds of these icons.
  • Easy Integration: All presets utilize Only FL Studio Stock Plugins, ensuring seamless compatibility and no additional costs with extra third-party plugins.
  • Exclusive Vocal Chains: Access to meticulously recreated vocal chain settings used by professional audio engineers. Learn professional mixing techniques by exploring the detailed settings of each preset.

The Vocal Mixing Preset pack from Song Mix Master has made this process so much smoother. The presets bring out the best in my vocals, giving them a warm and great quality that fits perfectly with my acoustic and pop tracks.

Ella Harmon / Singer-Songwriter

My favorite vocal presets so far! Any of the preset make vocals radio-ready and you get fast results without hours of tweaking. Highly recommended for any producer looking to improve their tracks and learn the basics of vocal mixing 😉

Sabiø Kruz / DJ & Music Producer

Ready to Transform Your Vocals?

Embrace the power of FL Studio Vocal Mixing Presets Ultimate and deliver outstanding vocal tracks that capture your listeners’ ears. Download now and start mixing with the best vocal presets available for FL Studio.

$29.99 $19.99

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Info note: To ensure optimal performance with the FL Studio Vocal Mixing Presets Ultimate, it’s essential that your vocal recordings are of the highest quality. The effectiveness of these presets greatly depends on the clarity and quality of the original recording. Additionally, we recommend making adjustments according to your specific and the unique characteristics of the vocal sound you’re working with.