Summary of Equipment Used by

Hardware Equipment:

  • Monitors: Yamaha HS8: Industry-standard reference monitors ensuring accurate and reliable audio playback.
  • Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo x8: High-end interface with excellent preamps and DSP for superior audio quality and processing capabilities.
  • Microphones: Neumann U87: Legendary condenser microphone known for its exceptional clarity and versatility in capturing vocals and instruments.
  • Headphones: Sennheiser HD650: High-fidelity headphones used for critical listening and detailed audio analysis.

Outboard Gear:

  • EQ: Manley Massive Passive: Mastering-grade EQ for precise tonal shaping. Pultec EQP-1A: Legendary passive EQ known for smooth and musical tonal shaping, enhancing low end and adding high-end sparkle.
  • Compressors: SSL G-Series Bus Compressor: Renowned for adding punch and cohesion to a mix, often used on the stereo bus. Urei/Universal Audio 1176: Fast-acting FET compressor great for drums, vocals, and guitars, providing aggressive and punchy compression.
  • Multi-Effects Processor: Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer: Known for its pitch shifting, harmonizing, and creative sound design capabilities.
  • Analog Processor: SSL Fusion: Used for adding warmth and depth to mixes, enhancing the overall sound quality.

Acoustic Treatment:

  • Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam: Panels for controlling reflections and improving room acoustics.
  • GIK Acoustics Bass Traps: Used for managing low-frequency energy in the room.

Software Equipment:

  • Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs):
    • Cubase PRO: Industry-standard DAW for mixing and mastering.
    • Studio One: Popular DAW for music production, mixing and mastering.
  • Plugins and Effects:
    • Waves Total Bundle: Comprehensive collection of mixing and mastering plugins.
    • FabFilter Total Bundle: High-quality EQ, compressor, and limiter plugins.
    • UAD-2 Powered Plugins: Emulations of classic hardware gear.
    • iZotope Ozone: All-in-one mastering suite.
    • Soundtoys 5: Creative effects plugins for unique sound design.
  • Metering and Analysis Tools:
    • iZotope Insight: Comprehensive metering suite.
    • Sonnox Oxford Limiter: Transparent limiter with precise metering.
  • Reverb and Delay:
    • Valhalla DSP Reverbs: High-quality reverb plugins.
    • EchoBoy by Soundtoys: Versatile delay plugin.
  • Noise Reduction and Restoration:
    • iZotope RX: The industry standard for audio repair and noise reduction.

Each piece of equipment, whether hardware or software, brings its unique character and sonic signature, allowing the engineers at to achieve precise, musical, and high-quality results in their mixing and mastering projects.