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The Secret Behind Antares’ New Vocal De-Esser Plugin

The Secret Behind Antares New Vocal De-Esser AI Plugin

As an audio engineer who’s relied heavily on Antares’ suite of tools, the announcement of their latest plugin, the Vocal De-Esser, has me genuinely intrigued.

Known for their pioneering Auto-Tune technology, Antares has now stepped into the realm of AI-powered vocal processing with a de-esser designed to smooth out harsh sibilant sounds without compromising the vocal’s natural tone.

AI-Powered Sibilance Control

The secret to the new Vocal De-Esser’s effectiveness is its AI-powered sibilance control. Unlike traditional de-esser plugins that rely on fixed frequency ranges and thresholds, the Vocal De-Esser employs a custom AI model specifically trained on the human voice.

This allows it to dynamically detect and reduce harsh sibilant sounds (like “S”, “Sh”, “Z”, “T”, “Ch”, and “K”) in real-time. By understanding the nuances of vocal performances, the AI can apply precise de-essing without compromising the natural tone and character of the voice.

Building on the success of their Vocal Reverb plugin released last year, Vocal De-Esser is a logical next step for Antares. The company has consistently pushed the boundaries of what AI can do in music production, and this new tool is no exception

While it’s perfect for polishing singing vocals, it’s also an excellent tool for cleaning up spoken dialogue. Whether you’re working on film audio, podcasts, interviews, or even live broadcasts, the plugin’s real-time AI detection ensures clear, professional results.

User Interface and Controls

Antares Vocal De-Esser AI VST Plugin

The user interface of the Vocal De-Esser is refreshingly straightforward, which is a boon for both seasoned professionals and newcomers. It includes specific controls for managing soft sibilants (S, Sh, Z) and hard sibilants (T, Ch, K), a Solo button to monitor sibilance in isolation, and a Link button to connect the two sibilant controls for simultaneous adjustments.

The Assist button activates the AI function, making it even easier to dial in the perfect settings. The audition button lets you listen to the sounds being targeted. This means you can hear the sibilant tones being removed, ensuring precision in your de-essing process.

Price & Availability

Pricing options are flexible. Vocal De-Esser is free for Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers at $24.99 per month or $174.99 per year (equivalent to $14.58 per month if paid annually). Alternatively, a perpetual license can be purchased for $99, which includes one free month of Auto-Tune Unlimited.

Final Thoughts

The Vocal De-Esser by Antares is a game-changer. As a member of the Auto-Tune Unlimited membership, I tried this plugin in various scenarios, from melodic to aggressive vocals. The real-time processing and user-friendly interface make achieving professional results quick and easy.

The AI models are exceptionally well-trained, ensuring that harsh sibilant frequencies are removed without sacrificing vocal character or impact.

I will certainly continue to use this new de-esser plugin because I am open to all these new AI technologies that I consider interesting at least and I am sure that this is the future.

For more details and to download the plugin, or try the trial version, visit www.auto-tune.com.

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