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Understanding Sibilance and De-Essing in Vocal Mixing

Understanding Sibilance and De-Essing in Vocal Mixing

Sibilance describes those sharp, hissy noises produced when a vocalist articulates consonants such as “s”, “z”, “sh”, “ch”, and “t”. These high-frequency sounds can become overwhelmingly prominent and distracting in a recording, particularly if the singer has a tendency towards sibilance or if the recording equipment, like microphones and preamps, accentuates these frequencies. When left […]

The Secret Behind Antares’ New Vocal De-Esser Plugin

The Secret Behind Antares New Vocal De-Esser AI Plugin

As an audio engineer who’s relied heavily on Antares’ suite of tools, the announcement of their latest plugin, the Vocal De-Esser, has me genuinely intrigued. Known for their pioneering Auto-Tune technology, Antares has now stepped into the realm of AI-powered vocal processing with a de-esser designed to smooth out harsh sibilant sounds without compromising the […]

Soundtoys Decapitator – The Secret to Authentic Analog Tone

Decapitator by Soundtoys Settings and Controls

When it comes to adding analog warmth and saturation when mixing, Soundtoys’ Decapitator stands out as a top choice. This versatile plugin is more than just an effect; it’s designed to be inserted on every mixer channel, much like Slate Digital’s Virtual Console Collection or Sonnox Inflator, offering a level of analog authenticity that’s hard […]

10 Best LA-2A Emulation VST Plugins (Free and Paid)

Best LA-2A Emulation VST Plugins (Free and Paid)

The Teletronix LA-2A compressor is a legend in the music industry, known for its warm, smooth sound that has graced countless recordings over the decades. With its unique tube-driven electro-optical attenuator system that allows instantaneous gain reduction with no increase in harmonic distortion, the LA-2A levels audio signals like no other compressor ever made. Teletronix […]

How To Inverse EQ & Match EQ Using Fabfilter Pro-Q3

How To Use Inverse EQ and Match EQ Using Fabfilter Pro-Q3

Aiming for clarity and separation in a mix is a constant pursuit. One of the most effective audio mixing techniques I often use is “match EQ” and “inverse EQ”. These methods have revolutionized how I approach frequency management, helping me carve out distinct spaces for each element in a mix. In this article, I’ll guide […]

Vocal Serial Compression With 2 Compressors: The 1176 & LA-2A

Vocal compression is a crucial technique in audio engineering that helps to balance the dynamic range of vocals, ensuring every word is heard clearly within a mix. This process involves reducing the volume of the loudest parts and bringing up the quieter parts, creating a more consistent and polished sound. Discover how to use 2 […]

How To Use a Pultec EQ For Warm And Punchy Sound

In this article, I’m going to show you how to use any Pultec EQ plugin to create a silky, warm sound with punch – perfect for percussion, vocals, bass, and mastering. To demonstrate different EQ applications, I will use the “RARE” Pultec EQ emulation plugin from Analog Obsession. You can download this plugin completely for […]

What Is & How to Use Multiband Compression

What Is Multiband Compression How to Use Multiband Compressor

Understanding what is multiband compression and how to use multiband compression can revolutionize your approach to audio production, mixing, and mastering. Multiband compression is a powerful technique that allows producers to control the dynamic range of different frequency bands within an audio signal independently. Learning how to use multiband compression effectively is a game-changer for […]

How To Do Parallel Compression in FL Studio

How To Do Parallel Compression in FL Studio Guide Tutorial

In this article we’re diving into the world of parallel compression and what it can do for your drums. Parallel compression is a powerful compression technique that involves blending a dry signal with a heavily compressed signal to create a sound that’s both dynamic and punchy. This technique can add depth and sustain to your drums, […]

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