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Soundtoys’ Reverb Revolution: Little Plate vs. SuperPlate

Soundtoys Reverb Revolution Little Plate vs SuperPlate

The American software company Soundtoys has thrown down the gauntlet with its first reverb plugin, Little Plate, and its successor, SuperPlate. These tools pay homage to the classic ETM 140 plate reverb and push the boundaries of what digital reverb can achieve.

The Little Plate: A Digital Reverb with an Analog Soul

Little Plate Reverb VST by Soundtoys

Introduced as a homage to the iconic ETM 140, an analog plate reverb from 1957, Little Plate offers a unique blend of nostalgic sound with modern flexibility. Unlike traditional plate reverbs known for their distinctive metallic sound, Little Plate extends the possibilities with features that the original hardware could only dream of.

With an infinite decay time and additional controls like a low-cut filter and subtle modulation, Little Plate is designed to enrich your mix with depth and warmth that stands out in the digital age.

For a limited time until December 1, 2023, Soundtoys has offered this innovative plugin for free, allowing producers to experience the richness of analog reverb with the convenience of digital manipulation. Post-promotion, Little Plate will be available for $99, a small price for a tool that promises to bring your mixes to life.

SuperPlate: The Next Evolution in Reverb Technology

Super Plate Reverb VST by Soundtoys

Building on the success of Little Plate, Soundtoys introduced SuperPlate in April 2023. Quickly becoming one of the most beloved plate reverb plugins, SuperPlate goes a step further by emulating not one but five classic electromechanical plate reverb units. This plugin offers unparalleled versatility and sound quality, allowing users to switch between Tube, Solid-State, and Clean modes for different analog sound colorings.

SuperPlate is not just about emulating the past; it incorporates modern digital features like infinite decay time, built-in pre-delay, and advanced modulation controls. The result is a tool that can bring lush, expansive reverb tails to any track, enhancing everything from vocals to instruments with rich, detailed reverberations.

The Abbey Road Trick: A Production Tip for the Ages

In a recent YouTube video, Soundtoys shares a classic production tip from the Abbey Road Studios, demonstrating the versatility of SuperPlate. This technique, involving EQ adjustments, compression, and auto-decay, shows how reverb can be finely tuned to bring clarity and presence to a mix without overwhelming it. This Abbey Road trick is particularly useful for vocals but can be applied to a wide range of sounds, offering producers a new level of control over their reverb effects.

Embrace the Reverb Revolution with Soundtoys

Both Little Plate and SuperPlate represent Soundtoys’ commitment to merging analog hardware’s warmth and character with digital software’s flexibility and precision. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, these reverb plugins offer an opportunity to explore the depths of reverb and find the perfect sound for your projects.

As the special offer for Little Plate draws to a close, it’s an opportune moment to dive into the world of Soundtoys reverb and discover how these tools can elevate your music production. With SuperPlate’s wide range of features and the timeless production tips inspired by Abbey Road, your journey towards mastering reverb has never been more exciting.

Comparing Little Plate and SuperPlate

While both plugins are rooted in the legacy of plate reverb, they serve different needs and preferences in the studio.

Simplicity vs. Complexity: Little Plate offers a straightforward approach to achieving classic plate reverb sounds with a few enhancements for modern production needs. It’s perfect for those seeking quality reverb with minimal tweaking. SuperPlate, with its array of options and features, caters to users looking for in-depth control and the ability to experiment with a wider range of reverb textures.

Analog Emulation vs. Digital Versatility: Little Plate focuses on capturing the essence of the sound of EMT 140. SuperPlate provides a broader palette by emulating multiple plate reverb units and offering extensive digital control over the reverb characteristics.

Use Cases: Little Plate is ideal for adding vintage plate reverb effects to tracks quickly and efficiently, making it a go-to for those wanting to enhance their sound with minimal fuss. SuperPlate’s advanced features and flexibility suit it for detailed sound design tasks, allowing for precise adjustments to fit the reverb perfectly into the mix.

Whether you’re drawn to the simplicity and warmth of Little Plate or the expansive, customizable nature of SuperPlate, Soundtoys offers exceptional tools for integrating the coveted sound of plate reverb into your productions. Each plugin has its strengths, and the choice between them will depend on your specific needs, workflow, and the sound you’re aiming to achieve.

With either Little Plate or SuperPlate, you can add depth, space, and atmosphere to your tracks, drawing from the rich legacy of plate reverb while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital domain.

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