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Review: Scaler EQ by Plugin Boutique – The Harmonic Master

Review Scaler EQ Plugin Boutique VST AU Plugin

Plugin Boutique’s latest creation, the Scaler EQ, is a revolutionary EQ plugin designed to alter how audio professionals handle equalization. Building on the success of the Scaler music theory plugin, Scaler EQ is aimed at a broad spectrum of users, such as musicians, audio engineers, and producers, focusing on enhancing the musicality and color of […]

Review: Pulsar W495 EQ Plugin – When Analog Meets Digital

Review - The Pulsar W495 EQ Plugin - Analog Warmth and Digital Precision

When analog warmth meets digital precision! Acquired it during its release in October 2023, when it was free for a limited time, the Pulsar Audio W495 Equalizer Plugin has become a noteworthy addition to my digital audio processing arsenal. Since then, I have rigorously tested this plugin in various projects for the past four months. […]