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My In-Depth Review of the SSL Sourcerer Plugin

My In-Depth Review of the SSL Sourcerer Plugin

Solid State Logic (SSL) has once again set a new standard in audio processing with the release of their latest plugin, the Sourcerer. As a sound engineer constantly on the hunt for tools that can improve my mixing and mastering game, the release of the new SSL Sourcerer plugin caught my eye. I’ve always been a fan of Solid State Logic’s hardware and software, I didn’t think long and get my copy right away.

Designed to deliver superior audio playback in both live and studio environments, the SSL Sourcerer plugin is an advanced expander that minimizes microphone crosstalk, offering a natural-sounding mix without the need for a traditional gate.

First Impressions

SSL Sourcerer VST Plugin

From the moment I integrated the SSL Sourcerer audio plug-in into my setup, I was impressed by its intuitive design. The plugin boasts a range of controls that are both powerful and user-friendly, making it easy to tailor the expander’s behavior to fit my specific needs. The adjustable threshold, time, and depth settings offer a level of precision that’s perfect for fine-tuning the response to the audio material.

Key Features that Stand Out

One of the first features I experimented with was the high-pass and low-pass sidechain filters. These filters are incredibly effective at isolating the desired audio signals, which significantly enhances the performance of the expander. The result is a cleaner, more natural-sounding mix without the abruptness that gates can sometimes introduce.

SSL Sourcerer VST Plugin (Controls)

The dual detection modes, RMS and Peak, are another standout aspect. The RMS mode provides a smooth response for continuous sounds, while the Peak mode is perfect for handling those pesky fast transients. This flexibility means I can adapt the Sourcerer plugin to different types of audio material seamlessly, whether I’m working on a live recording or a studio project.

Real-Time Visual Feedback

One of my favorite features of the SSL Sourcerer is the real-time visual feedback it provides. The dual visual feedback diagrams are a game-changer, allowing me to make precise adjustments with confidence. The upper diagram displays the sidechain and filtered signals, while the lower diagram shows the threshold levels and gain reduction. This visual aid has been invaluable in helping me fine-tune the plugin’s settings.

Versatile Release Time Settings

The Sourcerer plugin offers three release time settings: slow, medium, and fast. These settings allow me to match the release time to the natural decay of the audio source, ensuring a smooth and natural-sounding release. This feature has been particularly useful in maintaining the integrity of the original audio, whether I’m working in a dynamic live environment or a controlled studio setting.

Advanced Ducking Capabilities

SSL Sourcerer VST Plugin (Ducking)

One of the standout features of the SSL Sourcerer is its advanced ducking function. This provides more control in complex live situations, like panel discussions or live performances. The adjustable ducking delay allows the effect to be timed precisely to the source material, making it a valuable tool for managing audio dynamics both live and in the studio.

Flexibility with Sidechain Options

The flexibility of the sidechain options is another highlight. Users can choose between internal and external sidechain sources, allowing for direct monitoring of the sidechain signal or using an external audio source for dynamic control. This versatility makes Sourcerer an indispensable tool in any audio professional’s arsenal.

Overall Impressions

After spending some time with the SSL Sourcerer, I can confidently say that it has earned a permanent spot in my audio processing lineup. The plugin’s ability to minimize microphone crosstalk and deliver a natural-sounding mix without the harshness of a gate is truly impressive.

Overall, the SSL Sourcerer plugin stands out as a powerful tool for minimizing microphone crosstalk and achieving a natural-sounding mix without the harshness of a gate. Whether in a live setting or a controlled studio environment, Sourcerer offers the flexibility and precision needed to deliver outstanding audio results.

Pricing and Availability

For those interested, the SSL Sourcerer is available through the Plugin Boutique website. It can be purchased for €79.99 or rented through a subscription model, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Plugin Boutique Link: SSL Sourcerer

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