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How To Use FL Studio Soundgoodizer – How It Really Works

How To Use FL Studio Soundgoodizer – How It Really Works

FL Studio’s Soundgoodizer is a mastering audio effect plugin that has gained popularity for its simplicity and effectiveness in enhancing the sound quality of music tracks. It is essentially a “maximizer-enhancer” based on the powerful Maximus sound processing engine, renowned for its dynamic range compression capabilities.

This article delves into FL Studio Soundgoodizer’s essence, explaining its functionality, graphical user interface (GUI), and application in music production and engineering, focusing on its role in audio mixing and mastering.

What Is FLS Soundgoodizer

At its core, Soundgoodizer is designed to improve audio signal presence, warmth, and overall polish with minimal user input. It’s a user-friendly interface to a subset of the Maximus engine’s features, focusing on making tracks sound better with as little as turning a knob. Soundgoodizer works by applying a combination of dynamic range compression, subtle equalization, and saturation to enhance the audio signal’s quality.

How It Works

Soundgoodizer operates on the principle of multiband compression, where the audio signal is divided into separate frequency bands (Low, Medium, High) that are processed individually. This allows for more precise control over the dynamics and tonal balance of the music.

The plugin enhances audio by making quieter sounds more prominent while controlling peaks in louder segments, achieving a balanced, full-bodied sound. The magic of Soundgoodizer lies in its ability to apply these complex processes through a highly simplified interface.

The GUI Explained

The Soundgoodizer interface is notably straightforward, featuring a single large knob and four preset buttons labeled A, B, C, and D. The main level Knob is the centerpiece of the Soundgoodizer’s GUI, controlling the intensity of the effect. Turning it from left (0%) to right (100%) increases the effect’s strength, allowing users to enhance the desired sound.

FL Studio Soundgoodizer GUI

You can choose from 4 Presets (A, B, C, D). Each preset corresponds to a different set of parameters derived from the Maximus engine, tailored for varying sound enhancement needs. These presets affect how the sound is processed in terms of dynamics and EQ settings, offering users a range of options to find the perfect match for their track.

Practical Applications in Music Production

Soundgoodizer can be applied to individual instrument tracks or vocals to enhance clarity, warmth, or punch. Its presets are particularly useful for quickly finding a setting that enhances a specific element of a mix without overwhelming it.

While Soundgoodizer is straightforward and can provide quick results, caution should be exercised when applying it on the master channel. Its presets are powerful, and while they can glue a mix together, they can also easily lead to overcompression and a loss of dynamic range if not used judiciously.

Is FL Studio Soundgoodizer Good for Mastering?

While Soundgoodizer can immediately and audibly improve a mix’s quality, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for mastering. Mastering is a nuanced process that often requires detailed adjustments that go beyond the scope of Soundgoodizer’s capabilities. However, for producers looking for a quick polish or to enhance some aspects of their tracks, Soundgoodizer offers a valuable tool.

FL Studio Soundgoodizer Mastering FX Chain

You can place the FL Studio Soundgoodizer in the FX mastering plugin chain after the initial EQ adjustments. This will enhance dynamics and overall presence. Its compression and enhancement effects can glue the mix together, adding warmth and perceived loudness.


FL Studio’s Soundgoodizer is a testament to the principle that simplicity does not mean compromising on quality. Offering users an intuitive interface to the complex processes underpinning the Maximus engine, it provides a quick and effective means to enhance the sound of music tracks.

Whether used on individual elements or cautiously on the master channel, Soundgoodizer can add that extra “shine” to your production. However, its best use comes with understanding its power and limitations, especially in a mastering context where subtlety and precision are paramount.

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