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Motion: Dimension – Delay and Reverb Fusion In One Plugin

Excite Audio Motion Dimension - Transforming Sound with Integrated Delay and Reverb

Excite Audio has expanded its innovative Motion series with the release of Motion: Dimension, a versatile effect plugin that seamlessly blends delay and reverb with the intuitive Hexagon modulation controller.

Designed for sound engineers and music producers, Dimension offers a unique blend of creative control and advanced audio processing.

Modern, User-Friendly Design

Motion Dimension Reverb VST Plugin Review Test

The interface of Motion: Dimension is modern and visually appealing, offering a clear and organized layout that makes navigating its features straightforward. The controls are logically arranged to facilitate ease of use, even for those new to the plugin.

At the heart of the GUI is the Hexagon controller, which provides an interactive and dynamic way to manipulate sound. The Hexagon features six macro sliders that can be assigned to various parameters.

The magnetic cursor allows for real-time modulation, with movements that can be played live, recorded, or pre-programmed.

Dual Delays and Adaptable Reverbs

Motion: Dimension combines two delay lines with modes such as normal, ping-pong, reverse, and repitch, and reverb modes like Hall and Plate. These features will help you to create complex rhythmic patterns and lush, evolving soundscapes.

The plugin’s ability to toggle between various delay modes and smoothly navigate between plate and hall reverb characteristics ensures versatile sound design possibilities.

Hexagon Controller

Motion Dimension GUI

The standout feature of Dimension is the Hexagon controller, which introduces six macro sliders for detailed sound shaping. This controller enhances traditional XY pad functionality, allowing real-time interactive modulation.

Users can assign any effect parameter to these sliders and control them with a magnetic cursor for intuitive, animated modulation.

Advanced Routing Options

Dimension offers flexible signal routing, with options for series, parallel, or a combination of both. This flexibility allows for intricate layering of effects, providing unprecedented creative possibilities.

Comprehensive Control

Excite Audio Motion Reverb Plugin

Each delay line in Dimension comes with controls for delay time, feedback, pan, tone, ducking, and modulation depth and rate. The reverb section includes controls for length, character, pre-delay, size, distance, stereo width, and advanced tone shaping.

These comprehensive controls ensure precise manipulation of audio characteristics.

Preset Library

Motion Dimension Reverb VST Plugin Presets

Motion: Dimension includes an extensive library of 250 presets, offering instant results and creative starting points for various applications. These presets are categorized into dual presets, FX & mapping presets, and path & cursor presets, providing a wide range of options to explore and customize.

Application Examples

Enhancing Drums and Percussion

Using the dual delay lines, you can create intricate rhythmic patterns that add depth and complexity to drum tracks. For example, applying ping-pong delay to hi-hats can produce a bouncing effect, while reverse delay on snares can create unique, textural rhythms. The reverb’s plate mode can add a metallic sheen to cymbals, enhancing their presence in the mix.

Vocal Processing

Dimension’s reverb and delay capabilities shine on vocals, adding space and depth without overwhelming the natural quality. Using a combination of Hall reverb and gentle reverse delay can give vocals a dreamy, ethereal quality.

The Hexagon controller allows for dynamic modulation, ensuring the effects evolve with the performance.

Atmospheric Synth Pads

Creating lush, atmospheric pads is a breeze with Dimension. By combining long Hall reverb tails with reverse delay, you can craft expansive soundscapes. Adjusting the modulation depth and rate can introduce subtle movement within the pad, adding complexity and interest to the sound.


For guitars, Motion: Dimension can be used to add both ambient reverb and rhythmic delay. Applying a short plate reverb can give a dry guitar signal a sense of space, while a repitch delay can add a unique, pitch-shifting effect that evolves with the performance.

The Hexagon controller can be used to dynamically adjust these parameters, providing real-time interaction and creative flexibility.

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Excite Audio’s Motion: Dimension is a powerful and versatile plugin that offers sound engineers and music producers a comprehensive set of tools for creating dynamic, immersive audio experiences.

With its blend of advanced reverb and delay capabilities, intuitive Hexagon modulation controller, and extensive preset library, Dimension stands out as a must-have plugin for any serious audio professional.

I got my copy of Motion: Dimension from Plugin Boutique for about $50. I tested and used it in FL Studio 21 and Studio One 6, and everything worked perfectly.

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